The populist challenge
Quo vadis, Europe? After the crucial electoral year of 2017, populism has not disappeared. In 2018, another 10 EU countries - including Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Finland and Sweden - will hold general, presidential or local elections. Traditional parties are holding their breath again, facing the rise of populist rivals. How will Europe respond to this ongoing challenge to the established order?
Viktor Orban has implemented a root-and-branch reform of Hungarian state institutions since winning a second term as prime minister in 2010. Photo: Attila Kisbenedek / AFP
Viktor Orban has implemented a root-and- […]

Viktor Orban, Hungary’s rebel-turned-patriot premier

Hungary's strongman premier Viktor Orban, running for re-election on Sunday, is a poster boy for nationalists worldwide, the self-styled defender of Christian Europe and scourge of the "globalist elite"
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