The linguistic map of Europe still has English as the most widely spoken foreign language at 38 percent followed by French at 12 percent. Photo: Philippe Huguen / AFP 
The linguistic map of Europe still has E […]

French language eyes ‘le comeback’ as Britain leaves Europe

English, or at least a simplified version known as Globish, has become the lingua franca of the EU elite in Brussels, but with Brexit, Francophones are hoping their once dominant language can make 'Le Comeback'
Activists of Casapound, a far right movement turned political party, wave flags during an election rally outside the Pantheon in Rome. Photo: Andreas Solaro / AFP
Activists of Casapound, a far right move […]

Europe’s extreme right

What has fuelled the rise of far-right parties across Europe? Fears about Europe’s largest migration crisis since World War Two sparked their revival and this momentum has been bolstered by Brexit and Donald Trump’s election win the United States.
President of European Council Donald Tusk gives a joint press with EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker after an informal meeting of the 27 EU heads of state or government at the European Council headquarters in Brussels on February 23, 2018. Photo: John Thys / AFP
President of European Council Donald Tus […]

‘Pure illusion’: EU’s Tusk slams Britain’s Brexit plans

EU President Donald Tusk has dismissed plans for post-Brexit relations with London, reportedly devised by the British government, as "based on pure illusion".
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