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Sardinian miners leave on an elevator 400 metres (1312 ft) underground during a protest to block the entrance of the Carbosulcis mine in Carbonia, west of Cagliari, 03 September 2012. Miners ended a week-long occupation of Italy's only coal mine on Monday after the regional government promised not to close it at the end of the year. ANSA / GIUSEPPE UNGARI
Sardinian miners leave on an elevator 40 […]

L’Unione europea dovrà chiudere tutte le centrali a carbone entro il 2030

Studio Climate Analytics, chiudere tutti gli impianti o si sforerà limite previsto da Parigi. Eea, Germania e Polonia in cima alla lista per le emissione da CO2
Swallows circle over the northern section of the Forbidden City Beijing Wednesday 28 May 2003. After one of the first big summer storms the muggy air has cleared and many Beijing residents are enjoying the more comfortable weather by taking a trip to the parks. EPA-PHOTO/EPA/ADRIAN BRADSHAW
Swallows circle over the northern sectio […]

Cina, Usa e Unione europea sono i maggiori inquinatori del mondo

Con il 29,5%, Pechino produce un terzo delle emissioni globali di gas serra. Segue Washington con il 14,3% e poi l'Europa con il 9,6%.