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Illegal migrants line-up for lunch distribution, on November 20, 2019, at camp "Vucjak", in outskirts of the city of Bihac, in Northern Bosnia. Caught in the "limbo" between local and international politics, migrants remain stuck at this improvised camp, in inadequate living conditions, between attempts to illegally enter the EU territory in neighboring Croatia. Living conditions at the camp have deteriorated past the brink of a health hazard in recent days, meals are scarce, medical care is limited to emergencies while winter has almost arrived and Bosnian central government although helped from the EU, doesn't have neither plan nor capacity to handle the crisis. AFP PHOTO ELVIS BARUKCIC
Illegal migrants line-up for lunch distr […]

Europa ante las cuotas de inmigración, un sistema habitual en nuevas sociedades

Muy corrientes en las nuevas sociedades, sobre todo en países anglosajones, las políticas de cuotas de inmigración económica se practican en pocas naciones de la Unión Europea.