Food and agriculture

Feeding a continent
Around 40 per cent of the EU’s budget goes on agriculture but a growing number of farmers are struggling. At the same time food has never been so popular or topical whether it’s cooking, organic or obesity issues.
EU health commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis (L-R), EU agricultural commissioner Phil Hogan and the Estonian minister of agricultural developement Tarmo Tann during a press conference held after a meeting with the EU agricultural ministers in Tallinn, Estonia.. Photo: Ansgar Haase/dpa/archive
EU health commissioner Vytenis Andriukai […]

EU food agency boss: Glyphosate opponents prefer ideology to facts

The debate about the Monsanto-developed pesticide glyphosate, whose recent EU approval has caused political mayhem in Germany, has more to do with politics than science, EFSA's executive director says.
Ein voller Einkaufswagen steht am 16.05.2013 vor dem Obst- und Gemüseregal des Reformhauses Vitalia in München (Bayern). Die Reformhauskette Vitalia zog in den vergangenen Monaten in mehrere ehemalige Schlecker-Filialen in München ein. Foto: Inga Kjer/dpa (zu dpa KORR "Bio-Ketten und Reformhäuser eröffnen zahlreiche neue Filialen" vom 18.05.2013) +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++ | Verwendung weltweit
Ein voller Einkaufswagen steht am 16.05. […]

Food consumption in the EU

Comparing the consumption of foods such as meat, fruit and and sugar in the countries of the EU
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